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|  Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. Marks Eighth Year of Service


The management team at Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. believes it's not "Making Your Mark" but "Removing Your Mark" that counts! Honestly, I'd guess the Performance Hydroblasting Team does not believe either is very important. The past eight years has been about safety, service, technology, training, preperation, and performance. Performance Hydroblasting’s team has dedicated these years to intense  preparation and service that provides their customers with a consistent and dependable performance. Their resilience and commitment to success has allowed them to be part of many people's lives, some of whom they will never see or meet. Millions of cars travel on the roads and highways serviced by the Performance Hydroblasting team and millions of travelers land on runways made safer by removing old rubber deposits. I want to congratulate Performance Hydroblasting on their success and I deeply appreciate their friendship.



Nyles E. Reinfeld, Local Business Owner  


May 1, 2013

|  Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. Expands Hydroblasting Fleet with a New 2014 Peterbuilt

The new hydroblasting equipment mounted on the 2014 SH800 Peterbilt will give Performance Hydroblasting customers improved flexibility in service. This new line removal equipment has all the capabilities of prior units plus adjustable wheel height and lighting upgrades.


"This investment will help make our clients feel confident that Performance Hydroblasting will continue to remove rubber from their runways and paint markings from their streets and highways," said Jeff Crocker, Vice President of Performance Hydroblasting, Inc.

July 26, 2013

|  Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. Cleans Flood Water Mud and Sewer Debris from Barberton High School Driveways and Parking Pavement

When Barberton High School suffered severe flooding in July 2013, they called on the The Performance Hydroblasting team to help with the clean-up. The school was on the wrong end of a flash flood that brought water, sewer overflow, and mud rushing through the building. The school is just a few years old, and the cleanup was extensive, not only for school pride, but for the safety and health of students and staff. The Performance Hydroblasting team was called in to help with the paved parking and driveways that suffered an inundation of mud and sewer-type sediments. The pavement was to be resurfaced but it had to be extensively cleaned first. The mobile hydroblasting equipment was able to deep clean the pores of the pavement, leaving a prepared surface for which a new asphalt coating to be applied.  Contact the Performance Hydroblasting team today to learn more about hydroblasting highway line removal and concrete and paved surface cleaning.

Performance Hydroblasting Pavement Cleaning

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Respect the Pavement.

March 3, 2013

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