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Traffic Switch Paint Removal Services  


Waterblasting your community's painted traffic line switches is an easy and safe process with Performance Hydroblasting. The hydroblasting system leaves pavement virtually dry. The instant vacuum recovery means that the eradication surface is damp only about 12 inches wide while all surrounding pavement is dry. With our close cleaning tolerances, any new marking areas are unlikely to be affected by the waterblasting of old markings. Traffic switches generally relocate the painted markings for new traffic patterns within a short time of the Performance Hydroblasting procedure. Our team can coordinate with paint crews to simultaneously paint alongside the Waterblaster. This saves time and money, and will help keep your community's traffic flowing. NO re-surfacing and NO secondary clean-up or drying necessary. The photo to the right shows the removed marking as darker pavement and newly painted street markings. Note: humidity and air temperature will effect repainting and drying of water when new paint is to be applied directly on top of water-blasted line.

Motorist Safety    


Motorist confusion is drastically reduced by the complete removal of old markings when fresh traffic patterns are painted. Waterblasting reaches deep into the pores to extract paint without altering the surface height. A rut-free surface is a huge safety benefit. Safety is also dramatically enhanced by the absence of ambiguous “paint” since the pores are cleaned as well as the surface. Grinders are historically incapable of accommodating these needs. Furthermore, waterblasting does not scar the aggregate, whereas grinding can leave a permanent scar.


We can easily alleviate pavement of thermoplastic, waterborne paints, epoxy paints, rubberized paints, and even temporary and permanent foil-backed or waffle tapes.



Cure Removal  


New concrete or freshly milled concrete needs to have the curing compound or paste removed to enable bonding of epoxy and other markings. Waterblasting with vacuum recovery is an excellent way of preparing the surface prior to applying new markings. Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. provides optimum cleaning and profiling for surface preparation of all types.

Bridge Cleaning  


Waterproofing and paving operations are two applications that call for waterblasting. Generally, concrete bridge decks do not get repaved. Since asphalt trucks often track asphalt onto the concrete, jobs look better having the bridges cleaned after the paving in that area is complete. Waterproofing bridge decks also require a clean bonding surface. Waterblasting provides great cleaning and scarifying of the surfaces to be sealed.

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