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The key to success in road marking removal is to remove epoxy, thermo, or poly street markings from the asphalt without causing damage to the asphalt or concrete.


Thermo-plastic line removal is the most difficult because these lines are nearly as hard, and in some cases harder, than the underlying asphalt.


Hydroblasting can quickly eliminate thermo-plastic and paint stripes while causing minimal damage to the underlying surface.


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Performance Hydroblasting uses the Stripe Hog™ system for surface preparation to experience the best results on all surface preperation and reclamation.


We have the equipment for small and very large commercial projects.









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Government pavement demands high quality services that help stretch municipal budgets.


Equipment that aggressively chews up concrete and asphalt can cut deeply into repair costs. Chewed up driving surfaces are also very unsafe for local motorcyclists.


Performance Hydroblasting provides an environmentally clean and far less abrasive solution. We are mobile and proven on high-end surfaces.


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Rubber deposits left on runways from aircraft landings are quickly eliminated with our high-pressure waterjets.


High-pressure hydroblasting is the low impact way to clean. It is much faster than alternative methods, drastically reducing the time the runway cannot be in use. Because hydroblasting is dust-free and easy to clean, it is the low-impact environmental alternative.




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Performance Hydroblasting Trucks Removing Rubber from Airport Runway

Respect the Pavement.

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