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Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. brings state-of-the-art technology to the job site.


Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. is built upon a relationship within the industry. Technology is promoted through the culture of sharing and open forum style of partnering with customers, competitors, manufacturers, fabricators, and business traders. Co-founder Jeff Crocker credits this win-win style of development to the many successes of the company and in the industry. From the beginning, Jeff has shared and taught passionately with any who cared to learn for the advancement of all.  As always, Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. is proud to name the Stripe Hog® waterblasting equipment as our preferred brand of equipment.


The product development team consists of welders, metallurgists, fabricators, engineers, hands-on technicians, and friendly competitors working together to bring the most efficient and precise power of water to each project.


Industry contributions include:


a. Waterblasting equipment ergonomics


b. UHP waterblasting spray bar efficiencies


c. Waterblast and Hydroblast specifier education


d. Streets, road, highway, and airport waterblasting customer training


e. Design teamwork with the industry’s leading equipment developers


f. Ongoing commitment to furnish the best of the old and the new in technology and technique


The management team of Performance Hydroblasting is Dedicated to the Best Technology and the Highest Quality Operation of it.


The photo above is an example of a repainted surface after Performance Hydroblasting removed the original road markings. The removed area is highlighted by a slightly darker pavement color but no hazard creating damage to the road surface.

Vacum Water & Debris Recovery System


The Performance Hydroblasting vacuum recovery system pulls the water and debris from the job surface. With this patented system, the Performance Hydroblasting team leaves only clean pavement after the line or rubber removing process.  


Environmental responsibility: At the end of the job, the water has been separated and screened from the debris and is easily and responsibly managed. The debris collected is off-loaded in a responsible manner in a nearly dry condition.


The photo on the left is of the Performance Hydroblasting vehicle off-loading debris into an approved commercial waste removal system.


Mobile Street Stripe Removal System


Performance Hydroblasting is a mobile system that travels to you in one unit ready to go to work. Licensed for highway travel, our vehicles’ abilities also mean we can quickly and efficiently reach our destinations. This "all-in-one" pavement cleaning truck translates into quick response times, quick set up, and efficient cleaning for our customers.

Hydroblasting High-Pressure Pump


It all begins with the 40,000 psi, ultra high-pressure water pump. The pump selected for the mobile Performance Hydroblasting technology offers an outstanding combination of dependability and reliable outcome. The actual working end of the Performance Hydroblasting system is accomplished at the point of pavement contact. This safely operated system uses patented waterblasting heads engineered for precise removal of paint, rubber, and other debris. From years of operational experience, the Performance Hydroblasting team has determined that the most efficient method to remove thermoplastic, cold plastic, temporary tape, paint, and airport rubber deposits is the Performance Hydroblasting mobile unit. Contact our offices today to learn how we can help you with your unique cleaning issues.

Respect the Pavement.

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